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About Me

Glenn Davis, moniker mrcologne76, is a perfume connoisseur and brand ambassador for the perfume industry who connects fragrance enthusiasts with emerging and established brands. An Instagram savant, he provides his social media following with well-curated photos, analyses of perfumes notes, and interviews with industry professionals through his two groundbreaking programs Scent Provoking Sunday and Scenter Stage. Now recognized as a leading, credible, and trusted voice in the fragrance community, perfume retailers are soliciting him to do product reviews and sample giveaways. He also served as a guest contributor and social media representative at perfume tradeshows for esteemed online blogs like CafleurBon. Glenn’s multipronged approach packaged with his professional, knowledgeable, and smooth island-style has resulted in mrcologne76 becoming a master influencer. A polished and generous agent of change, mrcologne76’s profile continues to grow in popularity. When he is not inspiring the world to have “good smelling days”, Glenn is a US Navy veteran who has flourished as a perioperative nurse at multiple military installations and hospitals. Equipped with a smorgasbord of professional and life skills, Glenn Davis is the real deal and simply put, a timely game changer for the fragrance community.